from bakery to poop

One day at the bakery they tried to bake a cake but something went wrong………… the vinegar was too sharp.A couple minutes later the boss (The Big Cheese) went to check on them.But because of the vinegar they all died sadly including The Big Cheese.Then somehow lions escaped the zoo went to the bakery and ate their dead bodys off the floor.From that day on all the animals use the bakery as a communal toilet.It smelt so bad that it killed the whole world.The world come over run with lions they turned the world into a giant toilet.   

lady in the sky

In the  picture the girl is putting her hand in the sky and seeing a form of a woman.That must be the girl when she gets older.Or that Could be a god.If the girl could talk she would say I can’t believe I just did that I had no idea that could happen.But after a few hours she realized it was her as an adult but when her mom came out it just magically disappeared.When she tried to tell her mom she didn’t believe her.

Roxey the swamp dog

One day I was watching ‘animal cops Houston’.The cops were trying to catch a really freaked out little australian shepherd puppy,and they were chasing her near a big swamp.They knew that one wrong move and she could fall in.Somehow in a blink of an eye she was gone one of the cops said ‘but how could she just disappear in a blink of an eye’.They were about to give up but then the little pup decided to come out of hiding. The head cop picked up the very cold and very wet pup from the ground.When they got back to the SPCA they were thinking and thinking of names til one of the cops said ‘how about we name her Roxey’.It only took 3 months then she was adopted by a family with 3 kids.

The suprise bike

There was an empty ally for some reason there were pink bubbles.There used to be a building but everyone was fired 2 years ago the thing that was most surprising was the badly beaten up bicycle it was so muddy.So I poured my water on it and it turned out to be a red bike.

The meaning of Christmas

  Christmas is a time for family and friends,(but my brother said it is all about the presents.)It’s really a time for family and friends.Some people might think that Christmas is a time for present but it is really time for family and friends.But it is also Gods bday so God celebrities his birthday and we celebrities Christmas.It’s a time for songs,family and friends.It’s a time to eat and a time to




The Best Dream Ever

It was the dream I had ever had it all started like this: I was at petco but then I went into the break room and saw a TV reporter pointing his camera at a lady holding a 1 month old male guinea pig in her hands.When they discovered that I had got in the lady said ‘do you know anything about guinea pigs?’ I said ‘yes in fact I do.’So me and the lady we seemed to be on television. It was the best dream ever.

BMX Gone Bad

 It was like any other day boys where doing BMX, until one of the boys went way to fast so he jumped off the bike,then something unimaginable happened, his bike went through the tree.The boys tried to get the bike for 3 hours,then they gave up and went home and the bike remained in the tree for generation after generation.

The dogs at the door

Scratch,scratch,scratch it was 3:30 in the morning when I heard scratching on the front door. I thought that it was my dog so I woke up and it wasn’t. I wondered what was behind the door.I went to the door and opened it and there they were 2 very very very skinny dogs.They looked like they had an owner at one point,but now they probable eat from trash cans and probably drink sewage water.I felt so bad for the 2 puperusces,so I let them in side I gave them both a bath.In the morning I took the pups to the vet,they were so so scared.They were pitbulls so I named them Apple and Jack.

The nuggel baby

One day I was hanging out with my friend Kaylee we were pretending that my guinea pig Nuggett was a baby.When Kaylee went home my mom came in and told me that I have to clean my room but then I said ‘why’ than my mom said ‘because I said so’ than I said ‘fine I will clean it’ it took me about 50 minutes.Then I misplaced my kindle it took me 25 minutes to found it.